The Crystal Ball: Ambitious Brands

Today we bring you five ambitious brands with big ideas and the right attitude, ready to set the connective benchmark, and really hit home with consumers...

1. Use your imagination

Our imaginations are amazing things, and forward-thinking company, Free Play, thinks so too. They’ve broken free of the traditional swings-and-roundabout kids’ playground, which is function-oriented (e.g. slide down a pole, cross the monkey bars), and invented an amazing sensory zone to allow creative and imaginative minds to run wild.

2. Private public transport

The Israel Aerospace campus has undertaken an astounding project to develop a levitating monorail, comprised of two-person private capsules, summonable by mobile app. This alleviates the issue of relying on an external timetable, a common problem for those rallying for the pro-car cause.

3. Recycle

Swedish fashion brand, Uniforms for the Dedicated, have made recycling old clothes super simple with their new carrier bag (the Rag Bag) and motto: ‘Donate something old every time you buy something new’. These clever bags are reversible, ready-to-seal and prepaid for posting - making clothing donations easier than ever before.

4. Celebrating patriotism

In commemoration of Canada day, beer brand, Molson Canadian, distributed fridges packed full of free ice cold beer. The catch? The only way to access the fridge was to sing the Canadian national anthem - 100% correctly, and with passion. Simple stunts like this are amazing ways for a brand to reach out to the hearts of a nation.

5. Giving when it’s really needed

Many areas of the world have been affected, to a greater or lesser extent, by disaster in recent years. The Weaving a Home project, led by Abeer Seikaly, is an amazing program which looks to supply disaster zones with versatile housing. The homes are stretchable, flexible, easy to transport and assemble, and equipped with the autonomous ability to collect power and water.