Good morning friends new and old. For the 57th edition of fives, let's take a look at the week's top stories in the world of brand + commerce. 1. Eco-Business Cards

Moscow transport innovators have developed business cards doubling as metro tickets - reducing paper waste and encouraging people to take the subway.

2. Minty Breath

If you've ever worried about coffee breath in the morning, fear no longer. Orbit has you covered with free samples of their product directly attached to coffee-to-go cups.

3. Freeboard

Airtype is a new and innovative way to simplify the humble computer keyboard. We say simplify; we mean remove entirely.

4. Estee's new blog 

Estee Lauder has just launched a new blog. It talks makeup and fashion, but also includes recipes, music and more content for their fans. A purposeful outreach to the wider interests of the brand's tribe - nice work.

5. Decorative tarmac

Qunitus Kropholler, a Dutch designer, upcycles tarmac and petrol in an initiative to help raise awareness of the hidden beauty and environmental impact of oil.

Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great weekend.