Dadi Award Nominations

We know how to play hard at Folk. But, for every tonne of fun, there’s two tonnes of hard work, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Retail Website of the Year: Kelly Hoppen & The Art of Home

We are the space we live in. That was Kelly’s motto, and it really hit home with us.

Crafted to guide its visitors, the site was designed to read like a magazine editor, curating and editing product stories and concepts. The website’s aesthetics mimic the feel of a high-end luxury fashion brand, through the generous use of space, large, striking graphics and engaging and inspiring content.

We immersed site visitors in ‘The Art of Home’ at every stage of their shopping experience. By harnessing Kelly Hoppen’s own expertise in interior styling, the store stands apart from more traditional retail counterparts, enabling consumers to create the home of their dreams through Kelly’s expertise in crafting compositions to suit individual style, mood and personality.

We also devised a series of shoppable Style Secret videos (scripted, filmed and produced by Folk), allowing visitors to shop in the space in a more intriguing way. Kelly offers up tried-and-tested style formulas designed to dissolve fears and frustrations when it comes to making design choices.

But we’re not all talk:

- Visitors are 231% more likely to purchase after exploring AofH

- Visitors spend 22% more after exploring AofH

- Visitors who explore AofH account for more than 60% of the site's revenue

Best Use of Mobile: Finisterre & Cold Water Surf

What’s cooler than being cool? Being cold. And Finisterre will testify to that. Surfing’s at its best when you get the shivers, and surf clothing’s at its best when it can warm you right back up again. But even though the Cornwall-based surfers had their concept down to a tee, there were some digital creases to iron out, including having a stellar mobile presence.

We were on it like Sex Wax. We designed Finisterre’s brand universe with a mobile-first approach, meaning that we could include everything we needed and build up from there for desktop - as opposed to chopping things out, which can leave a mobile site feeling bare and unloved.

The site’s cool, fresh and innovative - boasting excellent load speeds, and some pretty nifty filters.

Here’s what Tom Kay, Finisterre’s MD, had to say:

Last year’s Cyber Monday’s sale was not a smooth affair - a lack of planning from our agency at the time meant our servers crashed and we lost countless sales.

This year we moved to Folk. They took a proper scientific approach to planning a true load test and got the server specifications to cope with our expected traffic levels just right. We took the specced solution to 80% of capacity, so we had room to spare but not so much that we were paying for more than we needed.

What’s more, they gave us really clear advice on how to manage the traffic and ensure we kept everything running smoothly.

We hoped to double the previous year’s figures but we ended up beating them by 230%. We definitely felt like Folk were a safe pair of hands throughout the preparation and execution of this year’s flash sale.

Fingers crossed for the DADI awards in October!

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