Playtime With a Purpose

When you're little, life is much less complicated, and precisely because of this fact - you tend to be less fearful of it.

Life is certainly a lot simpler. You're constantly watched over by your guardians, you eat and sleep and play and when you get a little older, you begin your education and you start to learn more formally.

It's interesting, though, that when you think back to playtime as a little one, games, though seemingly created to entertain us and keep us distracted, are often designed to teach us, or prepare us, for adult life, where we must work.

A good example of this is rounders - where everyone assumes a unique role and you work together to try and achieve a win. There are strict rules you must obey and once given a role - say you are the batter - you cannot step out of that role or the game will be lost. You play your role to your best ability, for a greater purpose.

The point is, when you actually get here - adult life, that is - it's not uncommon to feel as though you didn't make the most of that simpler time, where your primary concern was what you'd be having for tea.

That's why structured playtime for adults that offers a little escapism from grownupdom, and allows us to have fun without feeling embarrassed, can be a rewarding experience.

As Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, explains - creating a space for play allows us to work without fearing what our colleagues will think of us, which causes conservatism in our thinking.

Here at Folk, we take a unique approach to our work and we try to create a culture of people that are curious, because we believe that curiosity inspires creativity.

Because of this, we take an open-minded approach to creating spaces and places for our curiosity to flourish - including allowing some time to play, too.

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