The Friday Five: 21st Edition

Here's this week, wrapped up in five...

1. New Trend: Being Average?

Marketing Week reported this week that research has found that being a little more 'average' could be the key to long-term brand success because consumers prefer ‘normality’.

2. The Unmissable, Box

Not strictly within our remit - we wanted to share this video we stumbled across containing 5 minutes of magic for your eyes. Just one of a collection of fantastic projects from The Creators Project - you will lose 5 minutes from your day, but it is completely worth it.

3. Some Equality For Men's Fashion

The British Fashion Council has decided to give London’s menswear designers their very own funding pot worth £200,000, The Industry London Reports.

4. #BOF500 Has Launched

The Business of Fashion launched this new innovative ranking system that is designed to document the most influential people in fashion, powered by social media.

5. Do you remember Google in 1998?

Well, now's your chance to relive the olden days, as Mashable reports, by typing in 'Google in 1998' into your search bar, you can now experience vintage browsing.