We Won The Wirehive100 Best Use of Video Award!

In 2012, Folk Digital were asked to design, build and launch a website for Bournemouth family jewellers, Franses. Alongside this, Folk also wrote, directed, filmed and edited a series of short films for the site, and ‘The Diamonds’ came up trumps.

The Folk team responsible for the film, Tom Wittlin & Jon Syrett, were extremely pleased to receive the award. “We wanted to capture their story as you’d want to experience it as a Franses customer; we’re confident we did just that.”

Franses Jewellers owner and star of the short film, Jeff Franses, also expressed his excitement. “I’m just overwhelmed. It’s fantastic news.”

The films were designed to introduce visitors to each member of the family behind the Franses business: Jeff Franses, his wife, Beverley, and their two children. Whilst detailing each of their unique roles, the films also captured the warm and relaxed atmosphere of their store, inviting those who watched on to visit and experience the atmosphere for themselves.

Designed to capture the luxury of Franses Jewellers, each of the films were recorded in black and white and set to a beautiful rendition of Etta James’ At Last. Jeff Franses’ film tells the story of family tradition, his quest for excellence and the secret to finding the perfect ring.

Like so much of the work we produce, the Franses Family films were crafted around the power of story. In this short film, the story invites us into a world of tradition, family and excellence in jewellery craftsmanship - a simple but powerful message from the local brand given to their potential customers.

Congratulations to the team!

To watch the award-winning film, click here.