Happiness Is Unique

Back in 2004, a chap named Malcolm Gladwell gave a witty and inspiring TED talk about the work of Howard Moskowitz - a psychophysicist and market researcher - who, through solving the mystery of how American's liked their spaghetti sauce, uncovered the key to happiness. Moskowitz's research revealed that many brands asked their customers the wrong questions. Simply asking "What makes you happy?", is not easy to answer when it comes to the smaller details of life, because deep down, we don't always know what makes us happy until we've experienced it for ourselves.

Moskowitz learned that in order to keep customers happy, he could not create the perfect spaghetti sauce - he had to create the perfect spaghetti sauces.

The revelation? Being given a choice that recognises our uniqueness makes us happy. For years, marketers tried to uncover the rules that governed everyone's behaviour - but that is not the way of life.

Only by embracing our diversity as humans can we find out what truly makes each of us happy.

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