The Friday Five: 15th Edition

Here's this week in five bites... 1. #ilovemyjob

If you haven't seen Jon's most recent creation, then you need to. If for no other reason then to brighten up your day. We have a lot of fun at Folk and we're looking for new people to join in.

2. Veggie Technology

Co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, has been investing his time and money into lab-grown meat suitable for vegetarians. An interesting choice of experimentation. We're not sure we're ready to try it.

3. Dispatches Reveal Fakery

This week, Dispatches revealed that some big brands and celebrities are purchasing fake 'fans' through third-party companies to boost their online profile. The cheek of it.

4. Pinterest Gets Us Pacing

Data released by Vision Critical indicates that users' interaction with products through Pinterest is driving them into shops - they call it "Reverse Showrooming".

5. Google Tabs

We put together a feature this week that delved into the impact the new Gmail Tabs may or may not be having on email marketing. The verdict: it shouldn't be too much of a problem but it will require a watchful eye.

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