The Friday Five: 16th Edition

Your week in five top stories... 1. Prestige Brands & Facebook

It's been revealed that Facebook growth for luxury brands lies within emerging markets such as Asia, which recently became the largest (aggregate) Facebook user base in the world!

2. Hope For Detroit

Once world famous for its car manufacturing industry, Detroit is now in serious debt (40% of their street lights don't work). Shinola - the recently revived American heritage brand (originally known for shoe polish) - brings hope; relaunched by Fossil's founder, who bought the name and established a new business in Detroit focused on watchmaking.

3. Silicon Beach 2013

We're going! Bringing together leading strategic thinkers, digital innovators and people who look at brands, their challenges and the challenges of the 21st century. So, make sure you come and say hello to us if you're visiting too.

4. Uncarriable Carrier Bags

Mother London have released a second series of naughty carrier bags that seem to show the shadows of lethal weapons. The bags have caused quite a stir but should be carried at your own risk - stop and search is quite possible.

5. Privacy is Unreasonable

Thanks Google, that makes us feel better. Google have said that users have no "reasonable expectation" that their gmail communications are confidential in a court filling. Consumer Watchdog called the revelation a "stunning admission" - too right.

So there you have it folks - have a nice weekend.

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