Transforming Shadows

Have you ever looked solely into the eyes of someone you work with, just locked eyes until everything else disappeared around you and you were just two people, connecting?

Do you think you could hold that eye contact for 6 minutes? We could.

For the last two days, Jamie Catto, co-founder of Faithless, shared with Folk his worldy, witty and wise teachings, and let us learn about ourselves behind the proposed idea of "going to work in a place where you don't have to wear a mask".

What follows is a first-hand account of the experiences we shared over the last two days, what we took away from it all and what we, as the circle of Folk, intend to carry with us from here on out.

Day 1.

Nervous and unaware what the day would bring, we sat in preparation for what would be unlike any other workshop we'd heard about. Being asked to hold eye contact with another person for 6 solid minutes was a very rewarding but unusual way to learn about someone you already know. We were taught to recognise our addiction for approval and the mask we wear that asks for it, and to take on our demons by recognising that they're actually our friends trying to teach us something. Counter-intuitively being shown how to embrace our inner critic rather than batting it away. We learnt how to embrace negative feelings, how to become fascinated with them and how they effect us, to the extent that when we face painful situations, we are able to tackle the problem at it's core. Indeed it would seem that the more easily we can take a step back, pause, and watch ourselves in situations like these, the easier it becomes to neutralise them. Pushing things away or burying our yucky feelings results in the build-up of damaging energy in our bodies and our minds. We only end up limiting ourselves.

"Enjoy the crazy shit that happens in life, don't just survive it."

Day 2.

Embracing our need for approval and recognising our almost constant martyrdom, seeking sympathy and love through complaining to those around us was one of the more liberating experiences. Discovering our addiction to martyrdom tennis and realising that this isn't as rewarding as we once thought. Learning to recognise and embrace our responsibility in everything that faces us in life, including people whom we consider to be 'wrong', and the gifts that can be gained through negative experiences. Having a conversation with the unique character within all of us, that we once created to serve a purpose, but who now no longer works in harmony with our current lives. Learning that alongside not asking for love through complaints and whining, we should learn to accept and enjoy compliments that are offered to us because we are all incredible human beings, warts and all.

Two days was all it took to bring us all together, to connect so much more intimately, and to learn about the amazing qualities we all possess in order to become a more formidable working force.

We can let go of suffering and work on solutions.

We can see challenges as way illuminations.

We can be more honest and real about expectations.

We can step out of limiting ideas and concepts, and cultivate a can-do mindset.

We can go deeper into the needs and motivations of our clients.

We can farm bigger insights and better strategic thinking.

We can love what we do, more.

We are Folk.