Jo's A Business Woman Of The Year Finalist!

We entered our captain, Jo, official title 'Managing Director', into the annual Dorset Business Awards for the first time this October and, after a good grilling from the judges at Barclays last week, she’s made into the final with just two others!

After a year of healthy and substantial growth for the business, our Jo’s celebrated leadership style and intuitively creative spirit has helped craft a flourishing creative and digital agency that’s like no other.

Guided by the principle that no matter how much the industry itself evolves, digital is principally about people and making connections, Jo ensures this belief is channelled through everything that Folk does. From its client servicing to its recruitment process and staff training - recently collaborating with Faithless co-founder, Jamie Catto - this is evident in Folks culture.

Jo was excited and grateful to receive the (slightly soggy) news in this morning’s post and looks forward to the ceremony at the Lighthouse, November 28th.