The Friday Five: 9th Edition

As if we haven't spoken about it enough recently ... we celebrated our 10th birthday with an art exhibition like no other in Soho, London last night. So, without further ado here are the top five news stories from the evening: 1. The civilised man's vessel

We gave each of our lovely guests a white tea cup and saucer to take away from the party before quickly realising the delights of drinking alcohol from them ourselves. All hail the teacup beer.

2. "Health & Safety Never Sleeps"

While our art wasn't advertised as for sale, Laura's banana painting was sold for £20 to Honour Clement-Hayes. Her lovely donation will be heading to one of our local charities.

3. Cakes on sticks are the best

Our beautiful Folk branded pop-cakes went down a storm! You can catch the photos on Twitter ... needless to say there aren't any leftovers, sorry about that.

4. Us Folk can dance

The champagne flowed and the records played and before long, shapes were thrown. Tom reflects on some of the moves as similar to those last performed in Grange Hill in 1983.

5. A lovely bunch

Finally, our top story was that we had wonderful guests who came to join in the fun last night. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and we look forward to the next one!