Culture at Work

Here at Folk, the idea that happy people make for a healthy business is a total given. We're currently hunting for new folk to join the team so we recently put together our Top Ten reasons for you to join us but that was really a teaser. We pride ourselves on being that little bit different from everyone else and we are able to look at things differently because of our unconventional working culture which in turn influences the creativity of the work we deliver to our clients. The thing is, while we can tell you all about the wild and wonderful goings-on within these four walls, the best way to understand Folk is by talking to the people who choose to spend their time here ... so we did.

Tilley (Folk age 1 year, 10 months)

"I like it here because we're so creative and I have the opportunity to innovate and push boundaries."

Tash (Folk age 10 months)

"I like working for Folk because I get to do what I love surrounded by like-minded beings. Also it is pretty darn fun"

Ben (Folk age 3 months)

"I feel part of a family here at Folk and I know the team have my back!"

Fleurie (Folk age 2 weeks)

"I just got my foot in the door but I can already tell I'm gonna love it here, it's the vibe of the place ... it's not like anywhere else I've worked before."

You see, we don't just blow our own trumpet! We like to make sure our folk are happy and we know that it doesn't happen by accident - it takes a little consideration, some sugar and spice. So if you'd like to keep up with what's going down, check out our Tumblr where you'll find updates on the chilli growing competition, overheard ramblings and other neat stuff.