The Friday Five: 7th Edition

A round up of this week's must-know stories: 1. One in Five Retail Stores Expected to Close by 2018

Quite the prediction yet not a totally surprising one. As brick and mortar stores begin to fall, expect to see far more brands investing seriously in e-commerce.

2. Chanel Leads Luxury Fashion Brands on Pinterest

Despite not even having an active account, in a recent study Chanel came out top of the luxury brands for being the most repinned and talked about luxury brand on the site - it just goes to show the allure of a power brand.

3. Shoppable YouTube Videos Arrive

A small number of YouTube videos will now be shoppable - an exciting development for retail brands who use film!

4. Louis Vuitton Launches Logo Free Products in China

It appears that consumers are looking for a less conspicuous way to consume luxury. Louis Vuitton is responding to that need in China by releasing an unbranded handbag, it will certainly be interesting to see if other brands follow suit.

5. Twitter Users are Twice as Likely to Misspell

And finally, a recent study has shown that Twitter users are twice as likely to make grammatical errors than those on Facebook with the study cites apostrophes as a common source of spelling woe. Quite a few errors given that on average, 400 million tweets are posted by users every single day.


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