10 for 10

As we’ve recently celebrated our 10th birthday and we're looking to expand our lovely team, we thought it was the perfect time to share with you ten reasons why working at Folk can’t be beat.

1. Location, Location, Location

So we may not have the rolling hills of the Northern regions or the high-rises of a metropolitan city but what we lack is more than made up for in sand, sea, and sun (weather permitting). Being local to the beach definitely has its benefits, such as lunch time excursions for sand castle building, bike rides with clients adjacent to the surf, and beach barbecues.

2. The Fun Fund

We may love what we do here, but we know that it isn’t everything. That’s why we’ve introduced our monthly Fun Fund to get a chance to break away. This goes to every staff member so that they can pursue a hobby or craft separate from work and get a chance to do something that they may not have been able to before. So far our staff are enjoying sugarcraft modelling, kite-surfing, and foraging.

3. We’re Proud of What We Do

Something that we pride ourselves on is not just creating digital work, but digital stories. We strive to represent and promote our clients in the best way possible; creating the right platform to present their story, captivating both client and user at every availability. We’re here to take you on the journey and make sure that you enjoy the ride.

4. A Fed Team is a Happy Team

We’ve all heard the adage, “Eat like a King for breakfast, a Prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner” (and if you haven’t, you have now). Though so many of us may skip breakfast – or lunch, and sometimes dinner – we like to make sure that there is always a chance to get the brain to bust a move and get that metabolism flowing by offering nutritional snacks and drinks (and the occasional cake).

5. It’s Not Just About the Work

While creating innovative and inspiring websites is important here at Folk, we also understand that all work and no play makes Folk a dull workplace. Our monthly staff adventures, whether it be a restaurant meal, kayaking, chocolate making, or Foker (our unique special brand of Poker), will keep you entertained.

6. Have a Very Merry Un-Work-Day

Celebrate good times knowing that your birthday is an un-work-day. Have your birthday off and enjoy a lie-in, breakfast in bed, and presents wrapped in bows. (NB: Folk cannot promise that you will actually receive breakfast in bed. That will have to be organised internally).

7. We’re Not Just Growing a Business

Just because we’re working inside on computers all day doesn’t mean that we don’t like to get our hands dirty. Some of the greener thumbs at Folk enjoy pottering around our very own herb and vegetable garden. We even have our very own Parsley the Lion. What more could you possibly need?

8. The Armitage Collection

If you’ve ever dreamt of being allowed to graffiti a wall without being reprimanded, then this is the place for you. Our very bathroom quote wall displays just some of the wittier remarks you will hear on a daily basis here at Folk. The soft soft soft loo roll mountain is our prize throne room feature.

9. Fash-On, Fash-Off

As you can see from our client list, working with Folk means the opportunity to work with some of the leading fashion and luxury brands out there, not to mention some rather fashionable and luxury staff members, too. Though we don’t deny that there are some days where we are exhibit less fashion and more fash-off. On these days, we hold no bars and no shame in documenting these incidents to the world so keep checking our Tumblr and Twitter.

10. Giraffes and Bubble Baths

Everyone loves a chance to socialise, have a good laugh, and partake in a bit of Cockney rhyming slang. For these reasons, and more, once a quarter we enjoy a trip to London for a Folk in the Smoke; a chance to catch up with our clients – beloved and brand new – and socialise. We aim for discerning venues for our discerning nature and give all of us a chance to let our proverbial hair down for an evening.

So there you have it. Ten fantastic reasons why Folk should be your number one working environment. For more information on what we’re all about or how to join us, email us on curious@wearefolk.com. We look forward to hearing from you!