The Friday Five: 59th Edition

Happy Friday everybody,

It seems there's been a surge in innovation this week - here's a quick roundup.

1. The power’s in your hands

The Maker Movement goes handheld with Cura TV, an app for both consumers and independent businesses.

2. Where the wild things go

There’s been a recent surge for holidays far off the beaten track, for those who’d rather be adventurous.

3. Sun house

Domespace is a house on an axis, which can turn to face the sun - for all-day pleasant weather and solar energy.

4. Neo decor

If you’re tired of wallpapering, but still want pretty walls - look no further than the Patterned Paint Roller Kit by The Painted House.

5. A sort of eCommerce Instagram

Spring is a new app that makes shopping on mobile incredibly simple and user-friendly.


Have a great weekend,