Ambitious Charities

In keeping with the March March film, we’re thinking about charity this week.

Everyone’s seen the latest viral charity campaign, Ice Bucket Challenge - designed to help raise awareness for ALS disease - and everyone already knows about #nomakeupselfies and Movember, but here are some you mightn’t know about.

 Social Swipe

To encourage people to donate to the organization, Hamburg-based agency, Kolle Rebbe, created an interactive donation poster that readily accepts credit cards and shows the donors the symbolic result of their donation on the spot.

The Social Swipe is an interactive poster that has a slit in the middle where people can insert and swipe down their credit card to make a donation of two Euros. Swiping a credit card triggers an animation sequence that shows just what that simple donation can do to help the poor and disadvantaged.

Unicef Tap project

According to UNICEF, 768 million people lack access to safe, clean drinking water, 2.5 billion people live without proper sanitation and 1,400 children die every day from diseases linked directly to unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation.

They teamed up with Giorgio Armani for the UNICEF Tap Project, which has been striving to increase access to clean water for children worldwide since 2007.

For this latest initiative, they created a mobile website app (you don’t have to download anything) that can tell when your phone is not being used. For every ten minutes you leave your phone alone, Armani will provide a day of clean drinking water to a child in need.

Lenticular Printing campaign

The Spanish organization ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk) just started a new street poster campaign that uses the process of lenticular printing (you’ll recognise the tell-tale images that shift as your angle changes) to secretly send a message to abused children without alerting their abusers, even if they’re walking together.