The Friday Five: 13th Edition

My goodness, the week has flown by. Here's what you might have missed this week... 1. A Tip For Your Tumblr

It's been revealed that the success of a campaign on Tumblr is dependent on the ability of marketers to make their content as interesting as user-generated content. As Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer says, "Aim for meaningful".

2. Armpits4August

A new campaign unlike any other aims to raise much needed funds to help women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome by asking women to let their armpit hair grow freely for one whole month - raising feminist issues regarding the pressure women receive about hair removal.

3. Photo Sharing Becomes Photo Taking

The co-founder of Photobucket, Alex Welch, is creating a new photo sharing service named Lasso that allows you to request photos from your friends and family's camera rolls. No longer will it be about giving content but taking content instead.

4. Cadbury gets Christmassy

Having focused much more of their attention on the Easter market, Cadbury has decided to dedicate more effort to drive sales over the Christmas period by wrapping their products in Christmas-themed designs.

5. Fancy a Discounted Duchess Dress?

Following the wonderful (though perhaps slightly over-exaggerated) news of the newest edition to the royal family, one of our clients, Issa London, have reissued a high street version of Kate's hugely popular engagement dress.

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