Online-Offline Retail

We're sure that it won't come as a surprise to anyone reading this that, at the current rate, by 2022 1/3 of all UK retail will be done online (1). As innovative digital technology increasingly fascinates and engages us - take augmented reality, for example - integrating digital technology into shopping experiences can give retailers the opportunity to offer more fulfilling retail experiences for their consumers.

The majority of consumers combine online and offline shopping (2) because each offer unique benefits to the consumer. It would make sense then surely, now that online retail has been successfully established and is increasingly adopted, that retailers should attempt to bring the power of social from the online retailing environment into the offline, physical retail environment as A Day in Big Data wonderfully demonstrates.

The benefits? High street shops must strive harder then ever before to differentiate themselves from their competitors; by integrating social networking technology into the high street, brands can offer consumers the opportunity to share information and influence others as they already do and gain satisfaction from doing.

Today, whether we're shopping online or offline, we buy experiences and this is one way that you can improve yours.

Sources : 1) 2013 Big Data report by Ogilvy One 2) 2011 report by The Retail Revolution