The Crystal Ball: Digital Is Dead.

Over 15 years ago, co-founder Jo wrote a paper for a very large high-street retailer called 'Bricks to Clicks - Why Every Retailer Needs to Combine On and Off Line'. Unfortunately this article was not really taken seriously then and the brand it was written for waited another 10 years before launching an online store that now accounts for a huge proportion of their total sales.

These days, however, nearly every retailer understands the value of selling online. Some are masters of it and some are still getting the hang of 'doing e-commerce'.

But just as brands and retailers are embracing digital, we see a major shift happening in businesses today and it really involves the understanding that 'Digital is Dead'.

What we mean by that is that digital cannot be an afterthought for any modern-day businesses aiming for success. It's a tool to engage with people, which allows a storytelling dance between the customer and the brand.

As Folk's co-founder, Paul Sheehy, introduces to professionals and students alike through his regular storytelling workshops, digital is the lifeblood of every business function from HR to Marketing, Finance to Customer Service.

Digital is everything, yet it is nothing.

But, dear reader, do not be sad. There is nothing to mourn here.

This shift is to be celebrated, because it means that finally people can stop getting so confused about what to 'do' with digital and actually go back to thinking about how to connect with the people they want to fall in love with their brand.

You'll see lots more from us on this theme next year. As a 'digital agency', there has never been such an exciting time.

All the visionary ideas we have been preaching about with brands and digital are about to become de rigueur, and that means that brands will start to think about the contribution they can make to life, rather than what they can take.

You see, Folk is an agency with purpose, and it's a much much bigger calling than being a digital agency.

We believe that the world can become a better place when brands move from a transactional mentality to one of contribution.

Yes, still be commercial, but take a stand for something, and make a difference.

That's how we get to fulfil our purpose.