A Futurologist's View

Because people buy stories not products, every touch point from a brand to a person is an opportunity to sell.

So, mastermind strategist, Brad Fry, has come up with the futurologists view on how to make your online channel more effective….

1. Prioritise Your Channels

There are now over one hundred platforms available for brands to exploit in communicating with their audience.

Unfortunately we can't use them all and in my opinion brands should keep it to a maximum of five platforms at a time (including their website and email), otherwise the quality of their communication begins to drop.

2. Become An Email Expert

Email is still, by a long way, the most vital marketing practice for modern day brands, even though none of the top 40 household names that were recently reviewed were not using email to its full potential.

Seems ridiculous, right? Well the point is, there's plenty of room for improvement as no-one's completely nailed it yet.

Now's the time for online retailers to narrow down their focus and master how they craft their email.

3. Mass Personalisation

We've been evolving into a mass production world since the early 1900s, and now pretty much everything we want to buy is mass produced.

As we move forward, production will need to accommodate a key retail trend - personalisation.

Some of the biggest fashion brands are already experimenting with mass personalisation including the likes of Burberry and our favourite girl, Kate Spade - the question is, are you?

Also worth a mention when we ponder the future's path is wearable technology.

Though I can't necessarily see where it's headed, the concept of collecting data through the fashion we buy certainly leaves room for some interesting developments as far as connected commerce is concerned. Watch this space.

Photo Credit: Sam Howzit