The Crystal Ball: Are You A Self-Saboteur?

Get out of the self-sabotage trap and take 3 minutes of your life try this instead ...

As January draws to a close, many of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’ we vowed to honour all year have probably already started to lose their power and we’re not even through the winter.

Why is this? According to many behaviour experts, the reason we are crap at keeping resolutions is because they dwell in the territory of the ‘mind’.

They are very much based in the thinking realm and are usually because we want to change something we don’t like about ourselves today.

We say to ourselves that if we go to the gym 3 times a week then we become a better person, a more attractive person, a fitter person … and then when we fail we feel worse than we ever did.

Then, not satisfied with one cycle of this,  we do it to ourselves every year, perhaps more, depending on the expectations we put upon ourselves.

It is a crazy thing.

Well, just as you were about to listen to that inner voice telling you what a weak willed sap you are, how about trying this exercise that we like to do at Folk.

It invites you to pause and delve into your passions and visions for life from your heart.

You step out of the thinking body and into the feeling, emotional body so you can connect with what you really want.

When you know that, because you feel it, then you will naturally make choices that align with the real you rather than a whole bunch of self-sabotaging expectations.

It takes under 3 minutes and, we promise you, it will inspire you to do what you want to do.

If you are feeling generous, grab your friends and colleagues and do it together - there is even more power in knowing where those people you spend time with are heading with their passions.

Step 1: Grab some paper, some pens and something to use as a timer.

Step 2: Solicit the following three questions, taking a very strict 90 seconds to answer each. Remember, this isn’t about thinking, it’s about feeling, so don’t think - just write!

  1. Before you die, what do you want to experience in your life?

  2. How do you want to grow?

  3. What contribution do you want to make?

Step 3: Now take a step back and look at what it is you are passionate about in your life.

Now you can put this somewhere to remind you - creating a moodboard is a great way of making these words come to life.

If you are in your team, be sure to share yours and think about how you can help each other get to those places.

Here are just some of the dreams harboured in The Old Joinery…

I want to live in another culture.

I want to give everything I can to help my kids grow into kind-hearted adults.

I want to offer laughter, a positive outlook, and a smile to everyone I come across.

I want to know and understand how things work with certainty.      

I want to read more newspapers.

I want to grow my entrepreneurial side.

I want to go to costa rica.

I want to take myself out of my comfort zone more.

I want to spread the positive attitude that I have.

I want to be a confident public speaker.

I want to live in mindfulness.

I want to love unconditionally.

I want to be comfortable with my vulnerability.

I want to inspire people to connect with their true life purpose and free from conditioning that holds them back.

I want to paint.

I want to awaken people to a new way of working, one that is good for them and the planet.

We'd love to hear about the dreams behind your doors ... pop us a line @folkdigital