The Friday Five: 37th Edition

Here's this weeks industry news in retail, eCommerce marketing and more in five... 1. We're better at PowerPoint than digging wells

This week Marketing magazine discusses the value in packing up the day job, and taking some time to explore your dreams for the long-term benefit your our career. #MasterYourCraft

2. Time To Shine: Twitter Bios

WTFIMTB is a (rather rude) site that generates Twitter biographies with flair for you to steal or adapt for personal use, as the bio is now apparently seen as "The art form for our age" - Mashable.

3. Paper, from Facebook

Apparently, we're no good at finding content for ourselves because we're not subscribed to the right sources, so Facebook wants to bring us 'content serendipity'. Paper - a standalone news reader app with algorithm-curated articles.

4. Comedy Content

It's a well-known fact of our industry, that content is extremely important but also hugely over-saturated too. Beloved comedian, Bill Bailey, has said that a powerful way of cutting though the noise is through the use of laughter.

5. Technology Making Us Criminal...

"We may fear machines taking over and destroying us all, but so far what we've got is supermarket self-checkouts irritating us into committing criminal acts", The Guardian's Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, reports.

Happy weekending!