Pointbid Magento Integration

For those who haven't heard of them before, Pointbid operate contracted supply chain facilities for manufacturers and retailers alike.

They deal in the storing, picking, packing, delivery, and return of goods.

Letting Pointbid take care of the logistics of running an eCommerce store allows you to concentrate on actually running and marketing your store (which is a full-time responsibility in itself).

Having worked with Pointbid before, we were able to build a Magento integration module that seamlessly syncs orders and stock inventory between Magento's and Pointbid's own systems.

This means that the two seemingly separate systems are kept in sync, allowing a smooth fulfilment operation.

For Kelly Hoppen we leveraged this module to give Pointbid a continuous stream of new orders coming in at a defined interval, regular updates from Pointbid with tracking information, and up-to-date stock levels.

With as much exposure as Kelly Hoppen receives, making sure that the Pointbid module was as secure and robust as possible was a top priority.

Without this integration, two separate systems would have to be kept up to date manually, therefore saving money, time, and potentially problems, too.

- Luke Fowell