The Friday Five: 42nd Edition

The sun’s out, life is good - and to top it off, it’s time for the Friday Five.

Let’s take a gander at this week’s stories, digital, fashion and commerce.

1. Eastpak to the Future

We may not have been graced with the promised hoverboard, but it seems Marty McFly’s famous accessories are making a comeback. Great Scott!

2. Digital Ubiquity

It’s official. Digital’s gone the way of the dodo - and what’s it been replaced with? Well… nothing, really.

3. The Suit to End All Suits

Sure, your suit’s nice - but is it bullet proof, water proof and air-conditioned? We didn't think so.

4. Reality TV in Space

The fabled Mars One project will see a host of candidates colonising Mars by 2024 - documented for our viewing pleasure.

5. Sales Drive

Shopify tells us which social media platforms are the best at driving sales. Expect some surprising results.

Enjoy your weekend,