Meet the Storytellers

It’s bloody freezing. There’s sand whipping up into a frenzy and getting where it’s not supposed to get, and there’s a certain residual moisture from the sea that makes us feel damp, when we’re actually surprisingly dry. We’re the storytellers - Jon, Tash, and Louis - and we’re stuck at the beach.

Sometimes, when the claustrophobe in us creeps up, we like to take our meetings to go. The wintry conditions help to get our creative cogs ticking, apparently, but more than anything else, it cleanses our minds’ palette and prepares us for uncovering the fifth P of marketing: purpose.

Think about it for a second.

Why do you get out of bed and go to work every day? Sure, you want to make money, but there's something deeper in there than that; something that'll drive you to do what you do because you love it, because you're making a difference somehow. And when you find it, embrace it, and shout about it from the rooftops, people will start to stop, take notice, and think, "Yeah, I get that. I totally get that."

Your targets become less money-driven, because the money's falling into place naturally, and you and your entire company feel attuned to the thrum of the core of your beautiful brand machine. It's your brand becoming famous. It's the fifth P. It's purpose (this is what Louis was trying to say here).

We do a variety of things in the Story Team, all geared towards making the most out of your purpose, but here's the top-line for those in a hurry:

  • Purpose-finding workshops
  • Creative direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Web and print design
  • Content, design and analytics auditing
  • Film and photography
  • Social media management

If you know there’s a vital spark somewhere beneath the surface of your brand, and you’d like some help bringing it to the world, drop us an email on

In the meantime, we’re going to find our way back to The Old Joinery. Wish us luck.

The Story Team