The All New Graziashop appointed Folk to concept design their shiny new eCommerce frontier, complimentary to the revered and iconic style of Grazia magazine. In an ambitious project set to make waves in both the fashion and eCommerce industries, collaborated with Folk's designers in the early stages of development to bring their kudos and influence to the consumer market. The new site collates everything the world loves about the Grazia magazine into an extremely usable and aesthetically pleasing platform, set to simply and easily bring inspirational and aspirational products to our doorstep, ready to shop.

The website is bold and stylish, but maintains the palette and personality we’ve come to know and love from the publication; and for Folk, their early design involvement was a rewarding challenge. The most vital component is devising innovative and interesting ideas from scratch. But the project was angled differently.

“The challenge was: how can we bring this editorial style frenzy into a fully functioning eCommerce site - with both product and editorial content maintaining the feel of the existing brand,” said Dan Jones, a designer at Folk. “The dropshop model that allows brands and boutiques to sell through gives an amazing community feel to the whole project.”

Using deconstructed media such as shoppable photoshoots, and patchwork product pages with deep roots in 20th Century minimalism, is a paradigm shift; it is not simply an eCommerce store, it’s a marketplace, a discussion forum, a lookbook, and personal stylist; it’s a sneak preview into the web-experience of the future, and a friendly nod to the influences of the past.

With a fresh emphasis on the boutiques and brands behind the looks, the in-house team were able to bring this project to fruition, creating the eCompendium of style, that lives up to the gusto of its paper cousin.

With such a fruitful array of interactive experiences available for all of’s customers, the new site is sure to deepen the love for this powerful global publishing brand.

Experience the new site for yourself at