Inspired Leaders - event summary

Max Strom had some alarming things to say about the state of the human race.

Did you know that 80 million Americans take sleep medication every night? Or that 40% of people don’t exercise? What about the fact that by 2020, depression and anxiety will be the world’s leading cause of disability?

If you think that’s scary, consider that, in this world of hyper-connectivity, people feel more isolated than they’ve ever done before. And while this dilemma ticks away, we continue to put our stresses and grievances on the backburner - to hit our targets, keep up the good work, and become successful. It’s no wonder that, somewhere down the line, you’ll realise that you might not survive your success.

Using a toolkit of poignant anecdotes, thought-provoking parables, and a variety of practical breath exercises, Max made things clear. The breath, not medication, is the answer to the grief we carry around with us. Away with panic attacks, away with sleepless nights, away with the fight-or-flight mentality. By taking time to be mindful, and to breathe deep, we can overcome stress, be inspired, and fulfil our potential.

Folk believes that every challenge and obstacle we face in life, love, and business can be conquered with a simple change in perspective. Last week’s Leaders Breathe event is the first of many, designed to dismantle, probe, and reflect upon the corporate status quo. If you’d like to discover how Folk turns these theories into practice to disrupt the digital landscape, drop us an email.

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