Why We Need Novelty

A baby will stare at a new image for an average of 41 seconds before becoming bored...we've pretty much discovered it isn't much different when you become an adult. Here we're big believers that change is as good as a rest; it's human nature to need newness. It's no surprise that the more creative you are the more you need to break away from the repetitive daily routine and stimulate your mind in order to continue to be creative.

So how do you do that?  At Folk we're always on a mission to keep things fresh. From monthly socials to an office makeover, these  changes range from minor tweaks to something more substantial and we find that it not only keeps the folk at Folk on their toes but we actually find it makes them more inspired to create great work.

Whether it's going somewhere you've never been before or believe it or not simply rearranging your desk, do something different and see if you feel any different. Change the image...even if it's a little less often than every 41 seconds.