Why Crafting Your Own Website is the Hardest

After almost a year of work we were almost ready to put our new site live…until we weren't. Call it fate, intuition or just plain gut instinct; we couldn't dodge the feeling that we knew it wasn't right.  So we downed tools and got thinking- did we really want to put a website live that didn't feel 'us' ?

As Folk has grown and changed so rapidly since the decision to make a new website, it no longer felt relevant to us as a brand. We think that a website speaks even when you aren't making conversation and as an agency that seeks to create the best possible work for their clients we knew our site had to be the very best reflection of ourselves.

We learnt that night that sometimes you have to take a moment to stand back and ask yourselves the questions you’d rather not ask to become the company you want to be.

Now we've launched our new, improved website we're very glad we took the time to pause and rethink. It has most definitely made our site and a company a better place - we hope you love it as much as we do.