Hello everybody, It's sunny, it's the weekend, it's the Friday Five. Enjoy!

1. Honest fashion

Transparency and honesty, a new trend for clothing brands, which lets the consumer into all the secrets and backgrounds of the otherwise mysterious industry.

2. Take photos with your mind

Your mind, with the help of Google Glass, will now have the ability to take photos and upload them on social media without so much as blinking synapse.

3. Let your backpack keep you dry

Funnel, a backpack with the ability to turn into a raincoat, is especially useful for the unpredictable British weather.

4. Discover music on the road

If you're looking for a scenic soundtrack to your next car journey, the Roadtrip app creates a playlist according to the local music from towns you pass through.

5. Connect to your contacts

LinkedIn is bringing out a new mobile app which will lets you easily connect with your contacts, and also strengthens professional relationships efficiently.

Thanks for reading and have a fab weekend.