The Friday Five: 50th Edition

Hello one and all, and welcome once again. It's a special occasion this week - it's Friday Five number 50! So, buckle up, it's going to be a good one.

1. Omni-chef

A ‘Collaborative Cooking’ machine, devised by Swedish designers, disproves the old idiom that ‘too many chefs spoil the broth’.

2. Supreme storytelling

Founder of War is Boring, Mitch Swenson, has released a game, which allows players to assume one of three war-addled perspectives, each with multiple, user-driven endings.

3. Dress up to dress down

Avant-garde tech-fashion think tanks, Betabrand, claim that modern business people are more active than they used to be.

4. Free of charge

Spor Solar seek to quash the age-old problem of running out of battery, with their innovative new solar-powered USB charger.

5. Inter-galactic

SpaceX, commercial spaceflight pioneers, are almost ready to launch their first public-use spacecraft - the Dragon v2 - capable of multiple uses in quick succession.

Have a great weekend,