The Friday Five: 46th Edition

We hope you've had a productive and inspiring week behind you. Here are the best bites of news in retail from the week gone by.

1. Pinterest Adds Smarter Search Tool

The company just announced Guided Search, a new product that lets users filter their search by adding specific filters relevant to the original search term.

2.Save & Buy Runway

A new video platform has been created that will not only show you a collection, but allow you to save and share the items you have your eye on.

3. Pocket Anatomy wins Boost startup

The company impressed the TNW judges with ‘Google Earth of the human body.’ Aiming to helps people understand and visualise their health using an app that provides a virtual look at patient’s bodies.

4. Smells Like Home

Developed by a team of eight led by videographer and hackathon enthusiast Leslie Birch, Senti8 is a personal scent band that lets astronauts relive the favourite scents they miss.

5. High street set to drive 89% of sales by 2020

The role of the high street is set for a sea change as shopping evolves still further into a leisure activity, a new report predicts.

Enjoy your weekend,