The Friday Five: 45th Edition

Hey everybody,

Wow, this week’s flown by - it’s Friday Five time already; get ready for the latest.

1. Apple’s avatars

Apple’s the future of online identity, and it’s Peter Jackson-esque. With extrapolative photo tech, they’re able to build realistic 3D images of us all, with expressions to boot.

2. Missing the wood for the trees

LinkedIn have now made job vacancies within your own company visible designed to bolster engagement with your own job, company and LinkedIn profile.

3. Medi-tech

Researchers have developed a way to inhibit the onset of Parkinson’s disease and stifle its effects using none other than the Google Glass.

4. Drinking the air

An inventor has devised a way of turning air into drinking water, which is cleaner and closer by than the alternatives available in some parts of Ethiopia.

5. Porter

Net-A-Porter’s Sarah Watson explains the importance of social commerce and discusses their print presence following the success of the online platform.

That’s it for this week, have an excellent weekend.