The Friday Five: 41st Edition

It's been over 40 weeks since we began our weekly round-ups, can you believe it?

Here's this week's top stories from our world of stories, fashion, digital and commerce.

1. Fashion vs Selfies

After Tash gave her view on FROW fashion action, The Business of Fashion commented, "The whole thing has become one glorified, ridiculous, narcissistic, nauseating selfie."

2. Powerful Storytelling

The Drum investigates what would have happened if Little Red Riding Hood had owned an iPhone...

3. Bacon Innovation

Struggle getting out of bed in the morning? We love this clever use of sensory technology to help wake us.

4. Paytagz

Protein featured the latest startup to harness 'the extensive reach of social media as a new medium for online shopping, by tapping into Instagram'.

5. The Echo Project

In a collaborative effort to bring words to life, Penguin, Dare Toronto & author, Khaled Hosseini, offers a digital page of content inspired by each of the 402 pages in the novel.

Have a lovely weekend,