The Friday Five: 3rd Edition

It's Friday again so it's time for a round up of five things you need to know this week from the worlds of digital, brands and the occasional interesting fact. So here's this week's Friday Five:  

1. Shazam for Fashion

Ever seen an outfit and wish you knew where it came from? Well now you can find out. Shazam, the company that developed the can't live without app that allows you to identify that song whose name escapes you, is hoping to create a similar success with an app for recognising fashion. We can't wait to test it out.

2. Louis Vuitton Gets Controversial

Louis Vuitton's new film starring Georgia Jagger and Cara Delevingne has been causing a bit of a stir this week. The dark and moody film has been accused of glamorising the call girl to advertise the brand. It's definitely an opinion divider.

3. Patrick Grant Designs for Debenhams

Great British Sewing Bee star, friend of Folk and one of our very own clients Patrick Grant has an exciting new venture at hand. He's about to grace high street institution Debenhams - we're excited to see how the collection turns out.

4. Dior Debuts Campaign Teaser on Twitter

The luxury giant showed their digital prowess by introducing their new make up line over a series of tweets.  Quite the way to build anticipation amongst lovers of the brand.

5.  Shortlist Media Launch New Digital Title

'Never Underdressed'  is a new multi-platform fashion and beauty title aimed at stylish women due to go live in May.

Backed by a handpicked editorial team led by Carrie Tyler, the former digital director of Elle, the launch should have an interesting impact on the fashion magazine landscape.

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