The Friday Five: 33rd Edition

Welcome to 2014 ladies and gentlemen! The future is here, and with it comes your round-up of news from the past (7 days). 1. Trust In Yourself

A powerful and important message for designers facing a new year - shared by none other than our Head of Design, Tom Wittlin. Wonderful stuff.

2. Feeling Over Thought

"Believe. Know. Same difference." Bob Garfield critiques today's societal shift from thinkers to feelers - an increasingly important discussion for retailers who attempt to tune into consumer emotions.

3. Mobile Movements

The verdict's out folks, so if you haven't heard it already - consumers are spending a daily increasing amount of time on their mobile devices. Mobile strategies that drive results are essential.

4. A Tasty Display

London's NYE display went off with an unusual bang this year as a partnership with Vodafone and Bompas & Parr saw visitors snowed under by fruity flavours. Experience is certainly a buzz word - but how did this one turn out?

5. Christmas(ish) Shopping

A large commerce platform provider measured Boxing Day sales of more than 200 UK websites and found a 40.4% boost to online sales on a day when most shops continue to be closed, compared to the same time last year. What an opportunity!

We hope you have a lovely (and more relaxed) weekend,