The Friday Five: 27th Edition

Get the Friday feeling by reading up on what's happened this week ... 1. Karl, being Karl

The Cut this week reported an insight into the mind of the (often perceived as) crazy fashionista Frenchman, Karl Largerfeld. Find him intriguing? Have a read!

2. Loop comes to the (gift) rescue

TechCrunch revealed this week that Loop - a designated gifting function - should be able to clearly delineate gifts from other purchases and show retailers what is getting gifted, when, and to whom. Hurrah!

3. The chosen Brits abroad

The Industry reported this week that the British Fashion Council have pinpointed Los Angeles as the next destination on their mission to increase the presence of British designers in international markets.

4. Hurrah for Bubblegum

Amongst more business-oriented news, Mashable highlighted the explosion of the Twitter IPO bubblegum guy meme on Thursday night. Oh the power of the internet.

5. Has 3D printing taken a step in the wrong direction?

TechCrunch reported the engineer who this week created the world's first real 3D-printed handgun. The company created the 1911 and then simply blasted metal powder, heating it up and creating a solid, fireable item.

Enjoy your Friday,