The Friday Five: 12th Edition

Here's this week's top stories for those indoors looking longingly out at the sunshine... 1. The top 10 retailers, on Pinterest

While some of the most popular online retailers have aced their presence on other social platforms, Pinterest is very much in its experimental stage as brands continue to test their ideas.

2. Starbucks, still the bad guy?

Yes, in brand news this week, Starbucks have attempted to redeem themselves announcing they will be paying corporation tax in the UK but are we that easily swayed?

3. Books that really come alive

Mobile app colAR allows users to bring their colouring to life turning images into 3d models, a fantastically exciting concept to engage young ones.

4. Vivienne & Virgin

Ever the symbol of style, Virgin's newest uniforms have been designed by the dame of luxury fashion, Vivienne Westwood, scoring huge press attention once again.

5. Teddy the Guardian

IDerma have developed a teddy bear equipped with medical monitoring equipment that can then be relayed to parents and paediatricians, taking the scare out of traditional aids.

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