Festive Knit Sales Jump

Traditionally the kind of gift you receive from your grandmother as a mortified teenager, the Christmas jumper has always been somewhat of a fashion faux pas. Yet winter 2012 has undoubtedly been the season of the bad jumper. This festive fun fuelled by celebrities and the public alike has quickly become so celebrated they become they even had a day in their honour earlier in 2012.

But what does it mean for retail?  10,000 were sold in two weeks alone at Asda, at their peak  New Look were selling one Christmas jumper every minute - what it demonstrates is that retail is sometimes your next sale comes from somewhere you never expected.

Similarly the controversial yet humble onesie is experiencing record sales, looking to be one of the most gifted items this Christmas- who would have ever thought that wearing what is effectively a giant baby grow would ever be trend worthy?

Being reactive to trends is key in retail to reaping the financial rewards when an opportunity arises. That and remembering that eventually everything comes back into style...well almost everything.