Fashion Folk Turn to Tumblr

Got a brand? Get on Tumblr. That’s the news coming through loud and clear from Folk as Tumblr is supposedly on the cusp of doing something quite incredible. Analysts claim those greedy for web hits should get themselves on the blogging platform sharp as Google searches mentioning the service are poised to surpass those for ‘blog’ by the end of the year, proving that the New York-based company has well and truly established itself as the Web’s next big cheese.

According to The Next Web ( who have reported on this colossal invasion and provided this handy little graph) “Google search numbers are not an exact statistic, but the content of searches does indicate the popularity and interest in services, people and topics online. While it’s true to say that a great many blog readers go straight to sites via Twitter, RSS feeds, emails and other links, Tumblr’s continued rise is massively significant.

If you are a business or individual with a blog that you want to be found online, then running it, or another, on Tumblr is likely to bring you more traffic.

The business world has been largely unsure of how to cater for Tumblr — which is shareable and fast-paced as Twitter but populated with more inspiring text and rich images — and this is likely to be a wake-up call for them.”

Folk – who continue to launch, design and manage the websites and social strategies of numerous luxury brands within the industry – has noticed that the world of fashion developing a major crush on Tumblr over the past few years.

Bloggers, designers and brands are all flocking to the micro-blogging site to showcase their identities in creative, colourful and personal ways.

In turn the industry is a serious business for the site – highlighted by it’s recent appointment of seasoned fashion journalist Valentine Uhovski, who has just been named “Fashion Evangelist” at Tumblr (seriously, that’s his official title).

Of course, some brands are much better at it than others. After claiming four of the eight awards at last year’s Fashion 2.0 Awards, DKNY was once again showing other brands how it should be done by winning the Best Twitter and Best Blog by a Fashion Brand at this years ceremony.

DKNY’s Twitter account and Tumblr blog (dknyprgirl) are entertaining, informative and exceptionally on-brand. The Twitter account features, among other things, live blogs and frequently engages in conversations with followers of all stripes. Meanwhile, the brand’s Tumblr has become a go-to resource for humor-laced PR advice and inspiring imagery.

Brands such as this understand and demonstrate that the goal of social media marketing is to offer content in a variety of ways so a broad audience can pick and choose how they want to consume your content and interact with your brand.

Not everyone likes Tumblr, and not everyone likes Facebook, brand websites, Instagram or Pinterest.

Your goal is to create content targeted to the audiences that frequent each destinations or focus on the site frequented by your target audience in order to achieve maximum brand awareness, word-of-mouth marketing, and prospective business growth.

If you haven’t familiarised yourself – and more importantly your brand – with this new social super power, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.