Charming Content

We often talk about feelings here at Folk.

Not in the traditionally 'hippy' way that you may imagine, but taking time to consider the ways that the work we produce impacts people's emotions.

We try to craft stories that move people into action (often to buy) by tugging on their heart strings, so to speak.

Indeed, our purpose driven by people should tell you that the name 'Folk' is no accident. Our choice of channel utilises technology, but our business is about connecting people.

But wooing consumers is certainly not an easy task in the world of eCommerce - in fact conjuring impactful content (and hopefully) conversations between brands and their tribes seems to be one of the most complicated and misunderstood responsibilities of marketeers today.

No doubt our evolving relationship with technology and the influence it’s having on our relationships with one another makes this challenge increasingly complex as our attention span grows smaller along with our de-sensitivity to promotional messaging.

I saw a photograph on LinkedIn a couple of days ago that said, "There is no more B2B or B2C, there is only H2H" (human to human) and I think that this nicely captivates where I come from when I write content from the Folk brand.

Most of the time when we read something branded, we immediately dispose of it because it's too pushy, and not nearly charming enough.

It's only very occasionally that we truly absorb something we read, triggering a deep stir within our bodies, that we then want to share with other people.

That is the essence of successful content marketing - disrupting the flow of your reader, whatever they're doing and wherever they may be, into recalling a personal feeling or memory strong enough that, just for a moment, you completely remove them from their seat and take them somewhere you want them to go.

Engage them, captivate them wholly and you'll move them from the inside, out.

That is where, for brand marketeers, the buried treasure is waiting to be unearthed.

This is how we craft tangible valuable through intangible creativity.

- Fleurie

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