4 Parenting Rules That Apply To Digital Agencies

There is an argument amongst creatives, generally, that nothing that is created is actually new, we just connect the seemingly unconnected; it is 'regurgitated'.

We therefore present to you some practical insights about running a digital agency, based on the seemingly disconnected rules of parenting - with the insights shared by mums and dads at Folk.

1. Ensure you work as a team

Working together as a team is the only way to achieve the results that you want in the time that you want to achieve them. Clear communication within the team and with clients is essential as it reduces room for confusion and the potential for mistakes to be made. Mixed messages confuse babies and complicate digital creation.

2. Keep a watchful eye

Digital is certainly a complex and delicate process that involves different people with different skills coming together to produce one solid project. It's therefore important that careful monitoring is present throughout the creation process - digital can throw it's dummy out of the pram, too.

3. Make sure they're well fed

Okay, so we're not a catering company but just as babies need a nice amount of banana to keep their tummies from rumbling, it is our responsibility to ensure that all of the clients needs are met. We provide a service but, in doing so, we also provide support through that process. While we aim to help achieve business goals we function as a super-effective client services hotline, as standard.

4. Give them free reign

Parenting is about protecting your little one but it's also about helping them become the person that they want to be - with freedom comes confidence. The way we respect our clients should be similar in the sense that while we share our expertise, we must also respect their unique requirements and not overrule them simply because we feel 'we know best'.

So there you have it, a simple application of rules taken from the nursery into the office - who would have thought it?