December 2015 in Digital Fashion & Luxury

December 2015 THE BEST OF

Digital brand films / campaigns of 2015

Johnny Walker Blue Label

If you’re going to do a film, this is the way to go…

Honda Road Readers

Honda demonstrating their intelligence; where you can, be useful

Opt Outside Friday

Encouraging the world to look beyond rampant consumerism.


Adidas / G-Star / Parley for the Oceans

Each year 8 million metric tons of waste plastic ends up in our oceans. The worst part is that plastic, for all it’s genius - doesn’t degrade. Which means each year more is added, and not disappearing. What happens is aquatic life mistakes small pieces of plastic for food and as a result either dies or gets caught for our consumption - then we end up ingesting it too. It’s a problem often overlooked by many companies creating new products daily. There is hope however: non-profits such as Parley for the Oceans are working with brands like Adidas and G-Star Raw to produce fabrics made entirely from ocean plastic to manufacture new products. It can be woven to produce clothing or formed to produce shoes and soles. All it really requires is intelligent thinking that considers planet before profit. Something we wish to encourage more with the brands that we work with is this type of thinking. We understand the beauty, craft and creativity in luxury products however, the question is how can we continue to bring this appreciation for aesthetic to life, without harm to others or earth. Read at Business of Fashion here


Van Heusen

Not luxury, but garment maker for ‘professionals’ Van Heusen opened a ‘smart store’ in India trying out the use of digital in a physical environment.  You wander in, get scanned by something that takes your measurements allowing you to move about the store interacting with the other digital services that are tailored to you. Further gadgets include; a style bar; where you flick through digital looks and even change the mood depending on the look, and style tips - for those in real trouble. I don’t know - maybe I’m old fashioned, (or not a Van Heusen customer), but this feels too much too late. I don’t think we’ll ever move away from personal service, that’s what makes luxury and the physical shopping experience what it is - someone’s time. Technology is there to save time and money, so if all you’re doing is interacting with a computer in store, you may as well just do it at home - no?  

I don’t believe I ordered this?

As part of my work I spend a lot of time researching and gathering information on what’s happening within the digital world. Some things are good, others not so. I thought it’d be a useful exercise to share that research yourself, to let you know what’s going on and the sorts of things we look at.

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