yeon | MAGENTO DESIGN & BUILD, film, product photoshoot

New York based designer Yeon (pronounced Yunn) came to us wishing to create an enchanting ecommerce offering unlike those before it. Yeon's obsession with fabric made it clear to us: somehow we have to offer the ability for people to see how the clothes hang on the body. Unable to have her own live show to do this, we came to the conclusion “if people can’t come to our show, let’s take our show to the people”. 

We worked closely with Yeon to design a minimal set in a photography studio in NYC, and shoot each of the models walking in the clothes - forming the basis for the product page. 

In addition, we directed and shot the first film for her inaugural collection, based entirely around a still working 20th century lift in central Budapest, Hungary. 

Designed and built on Magento ecommerce platform.