A brand agency for the premium, prestige & luxury markets.

We help premium fashion and luxury brands discover and communicate their purpose in ways which resonate with their customers.

‘Transactional’ is the absolute minimum the modern consumer demands of luxury and fashion brands. Your website has the potential to be so much bigger; a social and cultural hub, where people can fulfil their quest for self-expression; where the likeminded can immerse themselves in your stories, values, purpose, and products so they can bring them into their own lives.   

We believe your website should provide everything people need to find their tribe, discover new, creative ways of realising themselves, and thrive in their own unique way. By creating something that lets this happen, you’re calling people to your brand, and you’ll keep them coming back again and again. You’ll radically impact your bottom line too.

Our story of becoming a storytelling agency

‘Imagine a place where people work together in a truly expressive and artistic environment.'

This is what Jo, Folk's co-founder, scrawled some 20 years ago in a journal on a beach in Thailand. Little did she know then, that she was already setting the intention for the purpose and vision for what Folk stands for - of togetherness, shared experience, and wholeness - of making a difference to people. 

After a broad career in digital, fashion, commerce and branding, Jo’s drive to find the interplay between meaning and work earned her the reputation of maverick marketeer. Her belief - that marketing and growing brands today can be done creatively, successfully and purposefully is what drove her to start Folk in 2003 after successfully creating large audiences and tribes for the brands she had worked with. 

folk’s mission

Be a force for good.

Be creative, different, and curious.

Push the limits of technology.

Change industry for the better.

Be a true TEAL organisation.

Lead the way for others to live and work with purpose.

Become fully environmentally self-sufficient.

Never compromise fun over striving to achieve the above.