What Motivates Us?

Since adopting his new and shiny role as our Head of Talent & Culture, Jon has been pondering the concept of motivation. His pondering follows as such...

I'm a great believer that both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations have their place in the world.

The difference? Intrinsic motivation comes from within - it's natural - whereas extrinsic is an unnatural, external, 'carrot and stick' kind of motivation.

However, in order to create a culture of motivated people in a highly skilled, high value agency, I have to think about the long-term relationships between us all.

When you use transactional, extrinsic motivational tools, such as a bonus in exchange for doing a piece of work, that person is then programmed to focus on that short-term reward as motivation to do the work. The impact of such an exchange is that that person is inclined to think about self-gain and lose sight of the bigger picture.

I work hard in my role to ensure that our people are rewarded for their hard work, but not in this way.

Instead, we ensure that the people who join us are intrinsically motivated, by a passion to achieve, to be recognised for their talent and to do the best that they can do because they care about what they do. We reward the positive attitude, rather than singular behaviours.

In the long-term, I believe this breeds loyalty and mutually respectful relationships. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Interestingly, I think that a lot of employers forget that old saying 'respect is not bought, it is earned'.

The founders, Jo and Paul, have always promoted a culture where people respect one another and look after one another.

The goals of each individual are aligned with the goals of the company and everyone works together - more similarly to a family than a business. The monthly Fun Fund, available to everyone, is one of the rewards for the continued hard work and dedication of the team.

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