The Wirehives

As the Folk coach winds its way through the A-roads of Surrey, its passengers experience two things: overwhelming excitement, and desperation.

Fashionably late, and shadowed by the grandeur of Denbies Wine Estate, they disembark - a handful of well-dressed, sprinting gents flash their tickets and make a break for the loos, with pained expressions and clenched fists. The others - those who were a little more prepared - get a chance to breathe in their surroundings.

They walk through the impressive underbelly of the Denbies winery to a beautiful cellar: host to the reception. People join in waves, welcomed with Champagne, balloons and illusionism.

Before long, it’s a veritable throng of professionals; the room stands for hustle; for brains ticking; the sort of mechanic whirring you only get when the best creative and digital minds of the South get together.

And then the doors open.

A bottleneck builds as people first dwell on the seating roster, and then the starry décor - extended infinitely by the galactic backdrop of the glass roof. Movement’s tight, but cosy, and before long that buzz from the cellar resonates within the main heart of the Wirehive 100 Awards.

Robert Belgrave kicks off the evening with a humble, concise and fitting speech, to set the tone.

Drinks flow, first courses follow - and it’s around this time that the crowd begins to discover just how fun a thought bubble can be (you may notice that some of the more… post-watershed content can’t be found in the Wirehive photo albums).

The food goes down wonderfully, and Chris Ramsey takes it upon himself to break the ice before the awards proper.

They’re almost over as quickly as they started. There are over a dozen awards - not including the league table countdown - for some categories in great need of recognition.

As the night gets on, Folk take to the dance floor - and they pull some pretty sharp shapes too (the award for Best Moves goes to Glen, and the Best Duo to Tom and Jo). A shot too many from the frozen vodka luge separates the party into two: those who are sensible, and those who go to Joules.

The shape-pulling continues into the morning, and following a zombie-like bus journey home, those that stayed get back to the Old Joinery at about 5am. “Sleep” ensues. All ready for work at the regular time. We just love digital that much.

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic night, and congratulations to everyone who took part. A big mention to Volume for nabbing that #1 spot on the league table. Folk were delighted to win eCommerce Website of the Year for our work with Kelly Hoppen, and the Art of Home.

Thank you Wirehive; to be acknowledged after so much hard work makes everything worth it. We very much look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Thanks for reading,