The Friday Five: 61st Edition

Good afternoon and welcome to September, Helping make sure you don't miss any vital headlines before you put your feet up for a couple of days at the weekend, here's the Friday Five.

1. Hunter Have Eyes on LFW

Wellington boot brand Hunter is set to deliver geo-targetted content to its fans on Twitter during next week's London Fashion Week, when it will share a series of curated video content from its live show.

2. Fashion Good Enough To Eat

Armani has 16 eateries globally, while Bulgari has seven, but more and more fashion designers are jumping on this trend...

3. Butter gets Playful

Unilever is utilising a mobile Playroll feature from the creators of PlayCaptcha as part of its £10m Flora butter marketing campaign.

4. IKEA Vs Apple

In a parody of an Apple iPad launch, the two-and-a-half minute ad reveals the Ikea 2015 catalogue - "a device so simple and intuitive it feels almost familiar".

5. Intelligent Failure

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. In the past, experts with spreadsheets may have been useful. These so-called experts extrapolated from what came before, but as the rate of change has increased, looking to the past often is no longer meaningful.

Have a lovely break,