Hello, hello! We’ve rounded up some interesting stories for your reading pleasure from the world of design, science and technology - have a look and see for yourself!

1. Drop the beat

If you have ever wanted to create your own musical masterpiece, here's your chance a new device: Phonotonic, which lets you make music by simple movements.

2. Take a moment

This new app allows the smartphone addict in all of us to subtly reduce the amount of time spent on your phone with the help of daily usage limits.

3. Breath of fresh air

Although just a prototype, this bio-digital canopy has the ability to produce oxygen and biomass, which could eventually become a main source of renewable energy and foods in cities.

4. Playing with Science

A new way for scientists to conduct research, gamification, is an exciting trend which could uncover mysteries about the body.

5. Future of videos

Videos may provide a new way to interact with brands with the help of the new Fuisz model technology.

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